Your contacts at GdF


Press officer of the GdF


Jan Janocha

Jan Janocha is your contact

person for all national topics

Mobile: +49 176 47709176





Collective bargaining and employment law

Rüdiger Purps und RA Dirk Vogelsang.

All enquiries addressed to Rüdiger Purps and Dirk Vogelsang

must be sent to:

GdF Head Office, Tel.: 0171-1117127



Regional matters

PR has been reorganised according to specialist subject areas and region. This should enable enquiries to be answered as quickly as possible and by relevant specialists with their regional knowledge and contacts at these airports.

You will find a list of the contact persons on the next page


Regional press team

The following GdF members are available to answer questions from journalists in their respective regions. (The regional airports are also included in the named examples of airports).

Jan Janocha, National Executive Board member for Press and Communications is of course available to answer general questions, e.g. about the collective bargaining policy of the GdF.


Northern region:
Werner Fünderich
Including the airports: Bremen, Hamburg, Hanover;
Tel.: +49 (0)173 83 09 79 3

Eastern region:
Roman Glöckner
Including the airports: Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden;
Tel.: +49 (0)172 38 88 97 7

Central region:
Jörg Biermann
Including the airports: Frankfurt, Hahn;
Tel.: +49 (0)170 90 36 41 3

Western region:
Hans Joachim Krüger
Including the airports: Köln/Bonn, Düsseldorf, Dortmund;
Tel.: +49 (0)163 34 47 44 7

Southern region:
Eric Läntzsch
Including the airports: München, Stuttgart, Nürnberg
Tel.: +49 (0)151 22 36 44 01

The above-listed spokespersons work as air traffic controllers or flight data specialists in the broad everyday business of air traffic control.

Some work in the control tower, some in air traffic control centres.

They can therefore only answer questions about the day-to-day business of air traffic control, and are not always available. Specialist information for the media: the following specialists also work with the regional press team. They are available to provide information on highly specialised technical matters. The foregoing also applies to these people. The named persons work on a voluntary basis – with the consequent limitations.

Upper Airspace

„Safety, human factors“
Thorsten Raue
Tel.: +49 (0)152 34 08 09 48

Questions about air traffic control technology
André Vöcking (FSTD - Air traffic control technical services)
Tel.: +49 (0) 171 31 53 16 9

“Development in Europe”, “International events”
Jens Lehmann